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MyMajorDetailed information on all FIU undergrad majors.

My_eAdvisor Identify and contact your assigned Academic Advisor 

PDA - Panther Degree AuditPlan, enroll and track your progress towards graduation.

University Core Curriculum (UCC)


MyMajor provides in-depth information on all FIU Undergraduate majors, their admissions criteria, career opportunities, and their departments' contact information. MyMajor includes MajorMaps, or programs of study, that show students what they need to take to graduate in a timely manner.

This is a great tool for our transfer students who may still be exploring their major/career options as well as students interested in learning about all the major options available at FIU.

To access the MyMajor page, please go to
For more information please visit Graduation Success Initiative


​My_eAdvisor provides you and your advisor with immediate feedback with regard to your progress on interactive Major Maps, the semester-by-semester academic plan designed for a timely graduation. My_eAdvisor alerts you and your advisor if you are off track. This tool also provides you with opportunities to plan courses that will put you back on track. My_eAdvisor includes a record of advising notes that both you and your advisor may view at any time.

To access the MyMajor page, please go to
For more information please visit Graduation Success Initiative

Panther Degree Audit (PDA)

Active degree-seeking students receive a real-time status of their academic career progress at using Panther Degree Audit (PDA). Panther Degree Audit provides a record of your academic progress toward completion of your academic degree program. This new feature allows you to review the courses you have taken, including in-progress courses, and review and plan for courses needed to complete your degree. Panther Degree Audit assists you and your advisor in planning for current and future courses as the courses pertain to the degree requirement.

PDA stands for Panther Degree Audit. It is an automated degree audit that monitors your progress, keeping track of what requirements you have fulfilled, and what requirements you still have to complete. You cannot graduate until all the sections on your Panther Degree Audit are showing "satisfied".

You should run your PDA every semester after you have registered and at the end of each semester after grades are posted, to ensure that all the classes are being applied to the requirements as you expected. Review the Panther Degree Audit for accuracy and put the copy in your Important Documents Portfolio.

You can log into your My FIU account to access your PDA.
To learn more about the PDA, visit​

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