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  • Tips for Letters of Recommendation:

    Who? - This means professors who know your name. Consider the professors whom you visited during office hours. Consider the professors whom you have volunteered with or assisted with in special projects. Some students may find that faculty members whom they know best are part-time faculty who are not around when they need letters or the full-time faculty they know are on sabbatical or have retired. Thus, you will be in the awkward position of having to ask a faculty member who you do not know well to write a letter. 

    How? - Approach the faculty member by explaining your situation and inquiring whether he or she knows you well enough to write a helpful letter. Listen carefully to the response. If the faculty member seems reluctant, you might want to consider asking someone else. Always ask the faculty member in person. Do not leave a pack of letters in the faculty member's mailbox and expect him or her to willingly write the letters. If you cannot appear personally, at least phone to find out if the faculty member is willing. For more information on letters of recommendation, visit:

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