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Are you graduating next year, planning on getting your Master's and want to study abroad? Consider one of these nationally prestigious scholarships!

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The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation
Scholarship is for artists and art students in the early or developmental stage of their career, who work in a representational style of painting, drawing, sculpting, or printmaking, and demonstrate a commitment to making art a lifetime career.

Deadline Varies
Woodrow Wilson Foundation Fellowships
The Woodrow Wilson Fellowships responded to a shortage of college faculty at the conclusion of World War II by offering talented students the opportunity to attend doctoral programs and begin college teaching careers. The Woodrow Wilson program prepared generations of faculty, creating a well-known fellowship and becoming a hallmark of academic excellence. Over time, the Foundation's fellowships have evolved to address emerging needs, serve specific populations underrepresented in the academy, strengthen designated fields, and support key stages in professorial careers.

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Monday - Thursday
8:30AM - 5:30PM

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What's New


Weldon Montgomery was selected as a 2015 Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellow!


Thank you to everyone who applied for the University Wide Scholarships this year. We hope to have the results out shortly. Keep checking your Academic Works profile! We encourage you to apply for the Student Government Association Awards, which will be opening this fall.

Past Winners

Ashley Arostegui
Rangel Scholarship, 2015
Tiffany Roman Biffa
Delta Phi Epsilon, National Award Winner, 2014
Abdel Pereira
Rangel Fellow, 2012
David Rodriguez
Rangel Fellow, 2008
Elizabeth Gallardo
Goldwater Scholar, 2015
Jose Orta
Frost Scholar, University of Oxford, 2014
Abdel Pereira
Rangel Fellow, 2012
Jose Benitez
Goldwater Scholar, 2003
Jonathan Urra
National Finalists, Truman Scholarship, 2015
Susan Tapia
Rangel Fellow, 2014
Raphael Garcia
Rangel Fellow, 2011
Melita Morton
Goldwater Scholar, 1996
Dieunica Setoute
National Finalists, Truman Scholarship, 2015
Weldon Montgomery
Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellow, 2015