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About Retention & Graduation Dashboard

The Retention and Graduation Dashboard is an online, interactive, dashboard that lets users track updated FTIC and AA retention and graduation rates by major and college, and for the university as a whole, for all official FIU cohorts beginning with 2006.

FIU faculty and staff can access the Retention and Graduation Dashboard at retention dashboard. Log in with your Active Directory (AD\) username and password, then click on the large spreadsheet icon. The dashboard can be viewed online or downloaded to Excel. You may need to update your version of Excel to use the Dashboard.

The Office of Retention & Graduation Success maintains the dashboard. Data are generated by pulling academic progress data on FIU’s official student cohorts.  The official cohorts are created and maintained by FIU’s Office of Planning and Institutional Research (OPIR).  Dashboard figures match OPIR headcounts because the dashboard uses the same official cohort students.  However, the dashboard figures include in-progress working data that are updated more often than the OPIR figures, which are the official, final, university figures.

Instructions on Accessing the Dashboard 

How to Utilize the Retention and Graduation Dashboard


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