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Florida International University believes professional academic advising contributes to the graduation success of our students. In 2013, the Office of Academic Advisor Development was established to provide professional advisors with opportunities for professional growth. In collaboration with the Director of Academic Advisor Development and unit supervisors, advisors will identify professional development goals and learning opportunities to achieve them.

Professional development opportunities will fall in to one of three categories: FIU Academic Advisor Training, Internal Learning Opportunities, and External Learning Opportunities. All advisors will take part in FIU Academic Advisor training; participation in Internal and External Learning Opportunities will be based on each advisor’s individual professional development goals and desired learning outcomes.

Advisors will maintain a self-reported My_ePortfolio to address the following competencies:

  • Self-assessment and goal/learning outcome identification of learning opportunities
  • Participation in professional development and earned Professional Development Units (PDUs)
  • Application of knowledge
  • Contribution to the profession of academic advising

Advisors will earn recognition and rewards for outstanding professional development.


... Stephen Anderson

Director of Academic Advisor Development
Undergraduate Education

I began teaching at Caldwell Community College (NC) in 1971, after completing my master's degree. Two years later, I started my Ph.D. at the University of Maryland where I was offered a faculty position at the beginning of the third year of my program. I completed my degree and remained on the faculty for 2 more years, then accepted a position at Indiana University. During my 10 years at Indiana University, I also held visiting faculty appointments at the University of Wisconsin, Southern Connecticut State University, and the University of Waterloo, in Ontario. In 1988, I accepted an administrative position, as the Chair of the Department of Recreation, Tourism, and Hospitality Management at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Then in 1996, I was offered the position as Chair of the Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management at the University of Florida. I served as Chair for 7 years, remained on the faculty for 4 years, and took a one-year leave of absence to serve as the Chair of Sport and Exercise Sciences and Associate Dean of the School of Human Performance and Leisure Sciences at Barry University. In June, 2008, I terminated my tenure at the University of Florida to serve as the Interim Dean at Barry University. I served as Interim Dean and later as Assistant to the provost. In 2013, I became the founding Director of Academic Advisor Development, Undergraduate Education, and Professor in the College of Education, at Florida International University. I have taught at the baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate levels and taught graduate courses on television at Indiana University. I have chaired 10 doctorate and 5 masters students, and served on 6 doctorate and 11 masters committees. While some of my grants have funded my research, most of the external monies ($854,100) have been awarded for the purpose of developing curricula and to recruit/retain minority students. Other curriculum development efforts have included a non-thesis masters degree at the University of Maryland, a Ph.D. in Human Performance with a concentration in Leisure Behavior at Indiana University, a minor in Leisure Studies in the Masters of Public Affairs (Department of Political Science) and a masters degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism at UNCG, and a Ph.D., with three concentrations, at the University of Florida. I also have experience in curriculum accreditation. I have chaired 19 visitation teams and been a member of 7 others. I have chaired 6 self-studies, served on the NRPA/AALR Council on Accreditation, and was a member of UNCG’s and Barry’s campus Executive Committee and Steering Committee for SACS accreditation. My research interest is in community development. More specifically, I am interested in building social capital to enhance health and well-being and improve the quality of life. Although 16 years as a department chair and associate dean curtailed my research, I have garnered over 60 publications and over 150 presentations. One can ascertain from my curriculum vita that I have provided extensive service to international, national, and state professional organizations and have been substantially involved in each university where I have held appointments. Most notable are: President of the National Therapeutic Recreation Society; member of the Board of Directors of the American Association for Leisure and Recreation; member of WLJ, AJESS, TRJ, LT/JOPERD, and APAQ, editorial boards; member of the NRPA Certification Examination Committee; member of university promotion and tenure committees; and faculty senator.

... Jacky Negret

Administrative Coord
Undergraduate Education

... Monica Roca

Associate Director
Academic Advising Center

Monica Lucia Roca is Associate Director in the Undergraduate Education Academic Advising Center and has had an accomplished higher education career for the last twenty years. She obtained a Master of Arts degree in English from Florida International University and a Graduate Certificate in Academic Advising from Kansas State University. Monica Lucia Roca is committed to the training and professional development of all academic advisors at FIU. Her primary focus is to bring together a community of academic advisors whose mission is to follow advising philosophies, operational strategies, and student development guidelines that promote lasting student success at the University.

... Hugo Jimenez

Office Director Of Academic Advising Technology
Academic Advising Technology

Hugo Jimenez, M.S. Director, Office of Academic Advising Technology Undergraduate Education Hugo Jimenez (Master of Science in Education, Florida International University, 1991) is director of the Office of Academic Advising Technology for Undergraduate Education at Florida International University. Mr. Jimenez has been actively involved in the academic advising efforts at FIU for twenty years. He began his involvement with academic advising as a graduate assistant in the Undergraduate Studies Academic Advising Center. Upon completing his Master of Science degree, Mr. Jimenez continued serving lower division students as a full time academic advisor for Undergraduate Studies, and subsequently was promoted as the Center’s assistant director. While serving as advisor and assistant director, Mr. Jimenez sharpened his skills in data analysis and data base technologies. In 1999, Mr. Jimenez’s interest, aptitude and skills with data analysis and database technologies coupled with nine years experience of academic advising steered him to transition into leading the University’s degree audit tool (known as SASS) in the Enrollment Services Division for FIU. During his tenure in the Division of Enrollment Services, Mr. Jimenez provided data and degree audit support for the University’s academic advising community, and served in the University’s transition to the student records database now known as PantherSoft. In the last three years, Mr. Jimenez, as director of the newly formed Office of Academic Advising Technology in Undergraduate Education, has been part of the leadership team in implementing the upgrade of the Degree Audit system from SASS to Panther Degree Audit, and in implementing the Graduation Success Initiative (GSI) technology tools – known as My_eAdvisor.

... April Lewis

Senior Advisor & Team Leader
Academic Advising Center

April has lived in Miami her entire life. She earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Miami: A Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Education. Upon graduation, April worked at UM in the office of Student Employment and the School of Education. She took a brief break from Higher Education and taught first grade for two years at Kelsey Pharr Elementary. April enjoyed working with children, but missed the college atmosphere and the college students; She is happy to be back in Higher Education.

... Craig McGill

Senior Academic Advisor
Department of English

... Stephanie Soto

Academic Advisor
College of Education

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