GSI: Graduation Success Initiative

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Graduation Success Initiative (GSI)?

The Graduation Success Initiative (GSI) is an extensive, university-wide set of innovations dedicated to helping FIU's undergraduate students to succeed academically. The GSI includes a suite of technological tools which help students and advisors to stay connected and to know where the students are going, how to get there, and whether or not the students are on the right track.


What is it?

MyMajorMatch is a new way for students to discover their interests, skills, and other important information that will assist them in achieving their career goals. Through students' assessment results, advisors can guide students toward several degrees applicable to their goals to optimize their FIU experience. For more information, click here.

How do I view a student’s MyMajorMatch assessment results?

To view a student’s MyMajorMatch Assessment results, log in to with your Panther ID and Password, then go to the “Campus Solutions” link and follow this navigation: FIU Custom - Academic Advising - Use - MyMajorMatch Results. For more detailed information and MyMajorMatch assessment results tutorials click here.

Who has access to it?

MyMajorMatch is only available to applicants and current degree seeking undergraduate students. If your advisee is a degree seeking undergraduate student and he/she does not have access, send an email to Please do not forget to include student’s name and Panther ID.


What is it?

MyMajor provides in-depth information on all FIU Undergraduate majors, including the admissions criteria, career opportunities, and the departments' contact information. For more information, click here.

How do I access it?

To access MyMajor, visit:

What are Major Maps?

Major Maps are programs of study designed to help students graduate in a timely manner. Major Maps are divided by semester and contain courses required, notes, and critical markers.

I was admitted before Fall 2012, are the Major Maps applicable to me?

Although the Major Maps were designed specifically using Fall 2012 catalog requirements, they are helpful to many admittance years with some tailoring to students' specific catalog requirements. Students should consult their advisors on specific curriculum in relation to the Major Maps.

Do I need to follow the 2-year Transfer or 4-year Freshman Major Map if I am a part-time student?

Although there is not a Major Map designed for part-time students, the existing Major Maps are helpful guides to graduate in a timely matter. You and your advisor can work together to organize a Major Map tailored specifically to you.

Who can use Major Maps?

Major Maps are available for students admitted in Summer 2012 onward. If your student was admitted before this time, the existing Major Maps can be tailored accordingly based on the catalog requirements.

Do I need to follow the 2-year Transfer or 4-year Freshman Major Map if I am a part-time student?

Although there is not a Major Map designed for part-time student, the existing Major Maps are helpful guides to assist students to graduate in a timely matter. Advisor should work with part-time students to tailor the Major Maps to their needs.


What is it?

My_eAdvisor provides student and their advisors with immediate feedback with regard to the students' progress on their Major Maps, the semester-by-semester academic plan to timely graduation. For more information click here.

How do I access My_eAdvisor?

To access My_eAdvisor, log into Panthersoft Campus Solutions with your panther ID and password and select “My_eAdvisor Dashboard” under the “GSI Advisor Center”.


What browser should I use to access My_eAdvisor?

For an optimal experience, Panthersoft recommends using Internet Explorer (Version 9.0 and up to 10.0), Mozilla Firefox (Version 17.0 and above), or Google Chrome (Version 24.0 and above).

How can I save pages in Panthersoft as favorites for easy access?

To save frequently accessed pages as favorites in Panthersoft:

  1. Navigate the page you would like to save as a favorite and select the “Add to Favorites” link on the top-right corner of the page.


  2. Enter a description of the page you are trying to save and select “OK”.


  3. To view or edit your favorites, select “Favorites” on the top-left corner of the page.


What if the system logs me off before I have the chance to save an advising note?

For security reasons, Panthersoft will log you off after a certain amount of time due to inactivity. Unfortunately, this is not a feature that we can disable. If you are meeting with a student, for example, we recommend that you enter your comments in a separate text editor before logging into My_eAdvisor and entering your comments as an advising note.

Can I export my caseload as an Excel spreadsheet?

Yes. To export data into Excel, select the following icon on any of the grids in My_eAdvisor.


Does My_eAdvisor have a built-in spelling-check tool?

Yes. To check the spelling of your message and/or comments, select the following icon near the text editor.


Can I include attachments with messages I send to students?

Due to limitations in database space, the size of a message cannot exceed 32 Kbytes. Attachments, such as images and flyers, are generally very large, and as a result cannot be included in your messages.

If you would like to include a flyer, image, document, etc. in the messages to your students, please take advantage of FIU Uploads, an institutional resource for sharing large files.

To access FIU Uploads:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Use your FIU AD credentials to log-in
  3. Choose the file(s) you would like to upload
  4. Select “Upload Now” and wait for the upload process to complete
  5. Once the file(s) have transferred to the holding area, please copy the “URL for retrieval
  6. Paste the URL in the body of your message and send.

Support & FAQs for FIU Uploads:

How can I identify dismissed students in my caseload?

Dismissed (DM) students will remain on your caseload for a period of 30 days after their dismissal date.

If you would like to identify these students, check the “Include DM students” filter on the “GSI Advisees” tab and select “Apply Filters” link to filter your caseload accordingly.


How can I determine which students on my caseload are not enrolled in the current term?

To determine which students are not enrolled in the current term, set the value for the “Last Enrolled” filter on the “GSI Advisees” tab to the previous term




What if I accidentally save a note for the wrong student?

If you accidentally save a note for the wrong student, please email your supervisor with your request to have the note removed, including the student’s panther ID, your panther ID, and the note number in question. As soon as your supervisor approves, forward their response to Our team will send you a confirmation when the note is successfully removed from the system.

Why do you exclude the instructor’s name from the early alert notification email to students?

We exclude the instructor’s name from the early alert email in order to prevent the student from approaching the instructor instead of discussing the concern with his/her assigned advisor.

Can departmental staff have access to creating and maintaining calendar entries for advisors on My_eAdvisor?

Support staff can be given access to creating and maintaining calendar entries on behalf of advisors. In order to do so, the department’s advising lead or manager must e-mail the request to, including the staff member’s full name and panther ID number.

To create calendars entries:

  1. Log into Campus Solutions with their FIU credentials.
  2. Select “My_eAdvisor Dashboard” on the top-left corner of the main page, and then enter the advisor’s panther ID in the subsequent page to search for their specific dashboard.


  3. Select the “Advisor Calendar” tab.


  4. Select the “add availability” button.


  5. Enter the times and dates available for advising, appointment duration, appointment type (By Appointment Only, Chat, Walk-In, etc.), and then click on “OK” to save.


  6. The resulting advising calendar will appear as follows.


To set or cancel appointments

  1. Identify an available appointment type, date and time that is convenient for the student.


  2. Enter student’s panther ID as shown below.


  3. Hit enter to set the appointment. The student’s name should appear. At this point, the system will send an email confirmation to both the advisor and student.


  4. To cancel an appointment, just remove the panther ID from the calendar entry and hit enter on your keyboard. The system will again send an email to both the advisor and student confirming the cancelation.

Panther Degree Audit (PDA)

What is it?

PDA stands for Panther Degree Audit. PDA provides a record of students' academic progress toward completion of their academic degree program. This new feature is part of the new GSI: Graduation Success Initiative and allows students to review the courses they have taken, including in-progress courses, and review and plan for courses needed to complete their degree.

How do I access a student’s PDA?

Log into with your Panther ID and My Accounts Password, and then go to “Advisor Center.” Click “My Advisees” to begin searching for a student’s PDA. For more detailed information and PDA tutorials click here.


How can I log into

Your login is your Panther ID and My Accounts password. If you cannot login, click here.


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