First-Year Programs

First-Year Programs

Common Reading Program

The FIU common reading book program is tailored specifically for incoming first year students as a way of providing students with a common experience. Students are expected to have read the book before the first day of class and will join together with faculty and peers to discuss and think critically about key concepts. The common reading program will encourage students to partake in intellectual engagement and will create a sense of community among newly admitted Panthers.

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Peer Mentor Program

Energetic FIU student leaders assist incoming students during their SLS1501: First Year Experience (FYE) course. They volunteer to be role models for their peers and are great resource guides inside and outside of the classroom. Peer Mentors assist the SLS1501 instructor by collaborating on classroom discussions and by creating icebreakers and team building activities. To become a Peer Mentor you must be a current undergraduate student and have a 2.5 GPA or above.

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First Year Experience Course (SLS 1501)

FIU recognizes that a university education takes place both inside and outside of the classroom. SLS 1501 introduces students to the university and promotes and supports academic, intellectual, personal, and social growth and success. The course reviews the skills and competencies necessary for first-year students' transition to the university, including developing effective study skills; understanding University Core Curriculum, major, and career choices; managing time, finances, responsibilities, health, and wellness; developing social relationships and appreciating the diversity of our campuses and communities; and preparing for global citizenship.

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Exploratory Courses

Exploratory courses are designed to assist students through self-discovery for the purpose of choosing and planning for a major and career path. Students will learn how to utilize career resources on campus and make career related decisions. They will explore various career options and interests while establishing a more effective method for choosing major.

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Other Academic Resources for First-Year Students

First Year Experience Librarian

The FIU library system can seem overwhelming at first however FIU has designated a First Year Experience librarian who can help students with various research questions and inquiries about library resources. The FYE librarian can also assist students with information on reserving study rooms and technological tools.

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Center for Academic Success

The Center for Academic Success offers free tutoring for mathematics, sciences, an reading. Services are also offered in specified learning and studying techniques.

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Center for Excellence in Writing

The Center for Academic Excellence focuses on student proficiency in writing and grammar. Students can schedule appointments to review papers and examine techniques for research, grant writing, and personal statements for graduate school.

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Graduation Success Initiative

The Graduation Success Initiative (GSI) is not only for First Year in College students, it is used by the entire FIU student body. It is important to know what GSI is and how it affects you as a student from the very start of college.

The Graduation Success Initiative (GSI) is an extensive, university-wide set of innovations dedicated to helping students to succeed academically. GSI includes information of various majors offered at FIU and technological tools that track your academic progress in a chosen major. It provides alerts to an assigned advisor and can assist with the evaluation of personal interests and career choices.

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