Panther Degree Audit (PDA)

As part of the University’s continuing efforts to provide improvements to MyFIU and the overall student experience, administrative and academic departments have collaborated to provide an academic advising tool - the Panther Degree Audit (PDA) - to enhance academic advising services.

Degree seeking students will be able to retrieve a real-time status of their academic career progress at using Panther Degree Audit. Panther Degree Audit provides a record of students' academic progress toward completion of their academic degree program. This new feature allows the student to review the courses they have taken, including in-progress courses, and review and plan for courses needed to complete their degree. Panther Degree Audit will assist students and advisors in planning for current and future courses as they pertain to the student’s degree requirement.

For continuing Undergraduate students, the Panther Degree Audit will replace the SASS Report they have been using as the degree audit tool. Graduate student will also be able to review and plan for ongoing course-work related to their degree program.

For tutorials, FAQs and other information on using the PDA, click on the respective Students or Advisors & Faculty links on this website.