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Spring 2017 Schedule

Fundamentals Workshop Series

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching invites you to join us for a spring Fundamentals Workshop. The Fundamentals series covers the indispensable skills for effective classroom teaching and is part of the Certificate in University Teaching and Learning program, but all are welcome to attend! In an effort to accommodate your busy schedules, we offer two identical sessions on different dates for each workshop. Please note the location for each workshop as they are no longer held in GL 154.

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Communicating with Students

2/1 (W) > 11am-12pm > MMC: GC 1235 
2/2 (Th) > 1pm-2pm > MMC: GL 482

Faculty and TAs communicate with undergraduates in a variety of contexts: in class, in labs, in office hours, in syllabi, in assignment descriptions, through email, and by providing feedback on coursework. Considering that student-teacher interactions are such an essential aspect of any course, it’s important for us to consider how our words shape students’ learning experiences. Communicating effectively with students takes planning and practice, so in this workshop, we will discuss a variety of scenarios and think through how we can maintain a supportive learning environment even when communication challenges arise.

Facilitated by Jen Bartman, Associate Director, Writing Across the Curriculum

Fulfills TA Certificate requirement: Elective


Teaching with Technology

2/13 (M ) > 2pm-3pm > MMC: GC 1235 
2/14 (T) > 2pm-3pm > MMC: GC 1235

Smartphones, tablets and laptops in the classroom can be a source of distraction or we can leverage their power as a resource that supports student learning. Learn about the latest web-based programs and applications you can use with your students to help them with everything from organizing group projects to providing feedback on classroom discussions.

Facilitated by Patricia Delgado, Assistant Director, Online and Hybrid, Teaching and Learning and Erica Caton, Associate Director, Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Fulfills TA Certificate requirement: Elective



Furnishing Feedback

2/28 (T ) > 10am-11am > MMC: GC 1235 
3/1 (W) > 10am-11am > MMC: GC 1235

With this workshop, you’ll learn about feedback, “one of the most powerful influences on student learning and achievement,” and pick up new time-saving strategies for providing it.

Facilitated by Ileana Hernandez, Assistant Director, Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Fulfills TA Certificate requirement: Assessing Student Learning



From Diversity to EQUITY: Removing Obstacles to Student Success

3/21 (Tu) > 3pm-4pm > MMC: SASC 430
3/22 (W) > 3pm-4pm > MMC: SASC 430

In our efforts to support student learning, who is excluded or left behind? Are there obstacles – social, psychological, material – that keep some students from benefitting equally from learning experiences in their classes? This professional development workshop will introduce a framework of equity-mindedness as we think critically about improving student outcomes. Equity-mindedness requires “being conscious of the ways that higher education – through its practices, policies, expectations, and unspoken rules – places responsibility for student success on the very groups that have experienced marginalization, rather than on individuals and institutions whose responsibility it is to remedy that marginalization” (America’s Unmet Promise, Witham et al, 2015).

Facilitated by Tekla Nicholas, Sr. Researcher, FIU Analysis & Information Management

Fulfills TA Certificate requirement: Culturally-Responsive Teaching


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