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Ethnicity in World Politics
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Reading, Writing, and Citing Enrichment Workshops

The Center for Academic Success (CfAS) offers enrichment workshops for areas related to reading, research, and citation. Reading for courses in International Relations can be an arduous process, and analysis of the readings is an integral process to understanding the content. As students compose research papers, the skills of paraphrasing and summarizing need to be developed as well as the mechanics of citation. While many students are comfortable with these skills, others may need some guidance and practice in “reading, writing, and citing."

Below is a list of topics related to reading comprehension, research development, and citation. The workshops are offered in real time with one of the tutors in the Reading & Learning Program in the CfAS. The same content will be delivered on multiple days and times for the convenience of online students.

You will need the following technological capabilities to participate in these online workshops:

  • Updated Web Browser
  • Permission to download Adobe Connect extensions
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Working microphone

Workshop Topics

Session NameDescriptionDates / TimesLink for Tutoring
Chicago Manual Style Formatting This session will teach students how to format their research papers in the Chicago Manual Style, 16th edition. Session will review general page formatting, as well as in-text citations, and bibliography. Mon 3:00pm

Wed 3:00pm
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Summarizing and Paraphrasing This session will discuss the difference between paraphrasing and summarizing. Techniques for paraphrasing will be reviewed in order to prevent plagiaristic behavior. Practical exercises will be facilitated to develop skill mastery. Mon 4:00pm Enter a Session
Word Choice and Economy of Writing This session will discuss the law of parsimony—how to be succinct, while writing. Vocabulary development and word choice will also be addressed relative to an author’s communication skills while writing, e.g. bias, accuracy, and clarity. Tue 5:00pm Enter a Session
Punctuation This session is dedicated to the most common punctuation mistakes that can hinder clarity and cause confusion. Students will participate in several exercises to develop proficiency. Thu 4:00pm Enter a Session
Question-Answer-Relationships This session analyzes the relationships between the text and text-generated questions. QARs are intended to develop students’ higher order thinking skills to generate more comprehensive analysis of text. Thu 5:00pm Enter a Session


MMC Campus
  • 8:00am-8:00pm M-Th
  • 8:00am-5:00pm F
BBC Campus
  • 9:00am-5:00pm M,Th,F
  • 9:00am-7:00pm T,W

*Tutoring Begins at 9am each day on both campuses.


MMC GL 120
  • 11200 SW 8th Street
  • Miami, FL 33199
  • (305) 348-2441
  • (305) 348-2609 (Fax)
  • Map Location
BBC AC1 160
  • 3000 NE 151st Street
  • North Miami, FL 33181
  • (305) 919-5927
  • (305) 348-5370 (Fax)
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