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General Knowledge Exam

Passing the General Knowledge Exam (GKE) is the first step to becoming a certified teacher in the state of Florida. The Florida Legislature and the Department of Education set the requirements for certification and the standards by which an individual is qualified to teach in the Florida K-12 public school system. The GKE is comprised of four subtests: (1) Essay, (2) English-Language Skills, (3) Reading Comprehension, and (4) Mathematics. As an FIU student in the School of Education and Human Development, you must pass all four sections in order to begin your clinical teaching experiences. For more information on your pre-requisites to student teaching, please visit the FIU School of Education website by clicking here

The Center for Academic Success (CfAS) offers workshops focused on developing the skills necessary to pass the subtests of the GKE. Assistance is offered either in a group setting or by individual appointment.

Hover over any of the General Knowledge Exam types below to learn more about the specific instruction we offer for each exam type

A 5-week “Grammar Intensive” is offered for students who would like enrichment in the mechanics of writing. Tutors in the Reading and Learning Program at the CfAS will facilitate small group, 1-hour workshops to review the fundamentals of grammar and punctuation. Participation in all 5 sessions is beneficial as the content changes from week to week. Please review the days and times the Grammar Intensive is offered and select the series that is most convenient for your schedule.

Support for the reading comprehension portion of the GKE is available in two ways. Individual support can be scheduled with a tutor in the Reading & Learning Program. Please call (305) 348-2441 to make an appointment. Reading Plus is an online reading enrichment program that addresses many of the skills and competencies assessed in the GKE. Students are welcome to meet with a Reading & Learning tutor to create a Reading Plus account. The tutor will explain how to use the program and facilitate the diagnostic session.

Small group workshops as well as individual tutoring is available for students seeking support for the GKE mathematics portion. Small group workshops will be available in March 2017. If you choose to make an appointment for individual tutoring, please bring sample test questions for the math tutors to use as a reference. Please call (305) 348-2441 to make an appointment.

Individual appointments can be scheduled to work with a tutor in the Reading and Learning Program for help with the essay component of the GKE. Please bring a draft or other sample writing for reference.

If you have any further questions about tutoring support with the General Knowledge Exam, please contact the following educators:

Mrs. Vicenta M. Shepard
Center for Academic Success Director
GKE Reading, English Language, and Essay, 305-348-2972

Mrs. Yesi Cantillo
Center for Academic Success Assistant Director
GKE Mathematics, 305-348-6278


MMC Campus
  • 8:00am-8:00pm M-Th
  • 8:00am-5:00pm F
BBC Campus
  • 9:00am-5:00pm M,Th,F
  • 9:00am-7:00pm T,W

*Tutoring Begins at 9am each day on both campuses.


MMC GL 120
  • 11200 SW 8th Street
  • Miami, FL 33199
  • (305) 348-2441
  • (305) 348-2609 (Fax)
  • Map Location
BBC AC1 160
  • 3000 NE 151st Street
  • North Miami, FL 33181
  • (305) 919-5927
  • (305) 348-5370 (Fax)
  • Map Location

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