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University Core Curriculum (UCC)

Any student entering Florida International University as a first-time college student (Summer 2003 or after) or transferring in without an Associates in Arts (AA) degree from a Florida public institution (Fall 2003 or after) is required to fulfill the University Core Curriculum requirements.

The University Core Curriculum (UCC) is a broad, well-defined curriculum that helps students to think critically, analytically, and creatively. It encourages a passion to learn, and provides them with the skills and ability to assemble, assess, incorporate, and synthesize new knowledge and information. Additionally graduates will be able to organize and clearly express their knowledge and ideas, and determine the importance and relevance of new ideas through a synthesis of both broad and narrow contexts and the integration of seemingly disparate pieces into a meaningful whole.

The UCC rests upon the belief that a foundational curriculum, shared by students, fosters intellectual development and enhances personal, social, intellectual, and academic relations. Together with concentration ¡n major fields of study, the UCC builds the base that makes future academic and professional excellence possible.

FlU's UCC requires courses in six fundamental areas of knowledge, as well as the First-Year Experience course. Some of these requirements are sequential; others have pre-requisites. Some courses must be completed during the first year of study. Others may be postponed until the second and even third years, so that pre-major course work in chosen areas of specialization may be completed. The UCC courses are listed on the check off sheet and other important notes are included at the end of the sheet. Make certain to read the sheet completely. Do not take courses that are not listed on the check off sheet in hope that they will fulfill the requirements. Only the exact courses listed in each category will fulfill your general education requirements. Students are ultimately responsible to meet with an advisor to plan course schedules and review important academic policies and procedures.

What is the University Core Curriculum (UCC) and what courses fulfill the requirements for UCC?

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